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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sharing some designs

I'm posting a few character designs I did for Nickelodeon a little over a year ago. I was told that the show unfortunately isn't going to happen, so I hope its okay to share them with you all. It was a blast to do and a good exercise in pushing one of my many styles. I did tons of artwork for this project, but It would take me forever to post them all. These are the ones that grabbed real quickly. I hope you dig 'em.


Grape APE said...

sax....whats poppin derrrrty? yo man, those designs are tight. was there a starr attached? like flex?

anyways...i had a few suggestions that would be dope to see in your style. "and a waaaaay we go":

1. do you remember the impossibles? they were interstitials, i dont remember what show, but they were tight. they were a rock group by day (beatle-esque) and super heroes, miday? there were 3 members.

-fluid man a.k.a fluey
-multi man
-spring man

their battle cry was "rally HO!" or "rally ho, HO!" (dopest animated battle cry next to the ticks "spoon!") anyways....would love to see u flip them.

2. the second suggestion would be "The mighty heroes"... i know u remember them from the old might mouse cartoon. well if u run outta ideas, here are two more that i know ur fans would appreciate. holla front couzin. 1.


lafe said...

man these are sweet designs...keep doing your thing

Rozum said...

Saxton was just watching the Mighty Heroes. I actually did Rope Man, over at my site. Just put him up today.

The Impossibles were part of the "Frankenstein Jr." show.

As for the Big Shorty designs, your usual great work, Saxton. The great thing is that I don't know anything about the show's premise, but I've got a pretty good sense of who the characters are, because you are able to invest their designs with their personalities. I'd like to see more.

Chris Wahl said...

Some great character designs there, Saxon. Very cool.

SACKS said...

Cool request Mike. I'm always open to them. I may give that one a try next week. I do remember them quite well. I have a massive mental cartoon memory from '74 on up. I'm glad you guys like the Shorty designs I'm really happy with the way the designs came out. Unfortunately the pilot did a poor job of staying on model with my final designs. Chris you have some amazing work over there at your blog. I really love those MAD magazine covers. Do any of you remember a magazine similar to MAD, put out by marvel called CRAZY magazine? their mascot was this deadbeat clown called Obnoxo. Extremely funny stuff. Chris, you might like some of the work done by my friend Jim Groman (listed in the links) He's redesigning the MADBALLS. Check him out!

spacesick said...

These are awesome man! Loads of personality in each one.

Kipp Schell said...

wow man great stuff. love dem ears

alberthaanstra said...
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