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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I know I've posted a painted Throwback pic of Super Chicken wayback when, but I needed to do this version to add to the massive Throwback Thursday pic I'm putting together. Still one of my favorite Jay Ward creations (corny jokes and all) All of the character designs and villain concepts were so fun and pleasing to the eye. I use to run around as a kid clucking to the Super Chicken call. Funny thing is, when I see cartoons like this, I can taste fruit loops (weird I know)

OH! Btw, I almost forgot to mention, from here on out each original Throwback illustration will be up for Sale each time I post on Thursday. For the low low price of $25 for an original, one of a kind Black & White inked illustration on animation paper signed by yours truly. Once it's sold, that's it. Just "CLICK THE BUY NOW BUTTON BELOW THE ILLUSTRATION" and you'll be able to have your very own Throwback to cherish those childhood memories.
(Super Sauce Not Included)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Throwback Thursday 3-11

Today's Throwback goes H.A.M. I'm on this WB kick for this month, so I might as well roll with it. When I was animating commercials for Cartoon Network, I was the go to guy to animate Porky Pig. He is hands down the hardest character to animate. Stuttering made for a lot of accent and anticipation poses along with keeping track of lipsync. Below is one of my favorite Porky episodes.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well folks, it looks like we're back again with another Throwback. Does anyone remember "Ariba! Ariba! Ondelay! Ondelay! Arrrrriiiiibbaaahhh!!!! and Senior Pussycat? One of the best match ups of all time. Speedy would always save the day by nabbing the cheese from the evil Sylvester and feeding all the hungry mice of Mexico. The mice expressions in the clip below are priceless. Enjoy your Thursday and be sure to leave comments below.

Vezi mai multe din Desene animate pe

BTW, if you would like to participate in each weeks' Throwback Thursdays feel free to submit your illustration each week to the NEW THROWBACK THURSDAYS GROUP on deviantart I'll announce the newest subject on Fridays.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Throwback Thursdays returns (for now)

My earliest childhood memories goes back to watching Woody Woodpecker cartoons in a highchair at my grandparents house. My Dad says I was waaaayyy too young to remember that, but who could forget that laugh. I guess you could say that Walter Lantz toons were my very first cartoon experience.

Here's a sneak peak on what I plan on doing with all of these illustrations in the end.

Monday, January 31, 2011

THROWBACK (Uh...Not Thursday)

I came across this old, unfinished throwback. Thought I'd finish it up and post it for ol' times sake. Hope ya likes.