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Friday, August 24, 2007



How RICH can you get? You'll never know 'til you've met... RICHBOY RICHIE. Hanna-Barbera premiered "The Richie Rich Show" in 1980. Rappers, Ballers and shot callers don't know jack compared to the richest kid in the world. One of my favorites of the 80's. This kid had it made, mansion, yacht, Butler and his very own robot made(Irona). Oh, I forgot to mention his goofy dog dollar. I plan on doing some more sketches of this cartoon so keep checking back.


Jerry Beck over at Cartoon Brew has just announced the upcoming release of a Richie Rich Harvey comics classics book. This is a definite buy for me. Click over to Amazon and reserve your copy NOW!!!

More Richie Rich comics I found on ebay...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


CREEPdoodle, originally uploaded by saxtonmoore.

Cancerous CREEPS like to play DIRTY.