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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

OH YEAH! Cartoons pics

Here are some designs I did for a shorts pitch over at Frederator. for OH yeah! cartoons. These characters were based on a concept called "Dust Motes" by the Great Larry Huber, Creator of Chalkzone and Executive Producer of Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Larry also got me my first gig over at Nickelodeon. I Whipped up the designs and storyboards under his direction. Unfortunately, the short didn't make the cut, but Larry said it was cool that I share some of the art with my fellow bloggers. Even though we didn't make the cut, you guys (and Gals) should swing buy and check out some of the other cool shorts in production over there.

I forgot to post the main villain in the short, He's my favorite of the lot.

On another note, ArtAsylum is relaunching the Madballs toys this year. I use to collect these grossed out balls as a kid. The new look was sketched out by my friend James Groman, who is also featured over at Drawn. You can get a sneak peak of the new designs over at the Madballs website.
Below are a couple of photos from NY Toyfair 2006.


Carlos V. said...

Sacks those concepts are AMAZING!!! Dude you are such an inspiration to me, your designs and characterization are out of this world! You have to get back into animation. I know that you are going to blow up HUGE soon and I can't wait to see you on top!! Keep it up man...

mauricio salmon said...

yeah man your stuff is always on point!