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Monday, April 28, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake card design

I did this graphic approach to the Strawberry Shortcake character for a Licensing show greeting card. The original design was much more cartoony, but I went with more of a sophisticated look for a change. I really don't do a lot of graphic illustrations, but this worked. A bunch of other talented artists did their take on other characters like Madballs and Sushi Pack for greeting cards as well. I will add links to their art whenever they upload them to the web.

This month (actually last month) I've been reading the bio on Walt Disney. AMAZING book. I strongly recommend this read. I also stumbled upon this rare gem called "The adventures of Isabel". I usually check out books to read to my kids from the library and I lucked up on this find. I really enjoy kids storybooks. This one had a really cool old school limited color palette. The story was pretty strange too. The little Isabel nibbled on a one eyed giant who was going to grind her bones into bread. Afterwards she beheaded him with a pair of scissors (no lie)


Look...No Hands said...

sweeeeeeeet!! and im not just being cute, that is a sweet design man.


Artytoons said...

Berry nice!

Dr. Diabolical Dave Savage said...

Nice work, Sax!

Mukpuddy said...

Thanks for the heads up on those books dude!
That Strawberry Shortcake is awesome!!!

bunbungirl said...

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Fabian Dores Pais said...

Great design, and thanks for the books.

Clarke (Csnyde) said...

Interesting and original take on Miss Shortcake Sacks. I dig it even if it isn't as flowing and stylish as your usual work.

Why not post the original version too?

this Just in said...

this Strawberry Shortcake design is nice. good luck with your job search.

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