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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


These 2 images have been floating on my computer for quite sometime unfinished. I actually made an effort to finish them up finally. These characters stemmed from my first college sketchbook years ago and eventually turned into cool concept of mine. The pink bunny (BETA) is our hero who fights off these red hooded trouble making CREEPS who like to multiply and trash everything.


Look...No Hands said...

Man,Sax...your stuff blows me away. I added you a while back on my links cause your work and style is so slick. The energy in your work keeps this brotha so inspired to draw.

Keep it coming Man, I'm lovin' it like Mcdonalds, HAHA!!


kaNO! said...

Love these characters Sacks, The creep dudes just look awesome.

Jason Miskimins said...

Great characters. I love the crazy poses of the creep guys. They look so rubbery.

Mamerto Tetto said...

Cool man... your drawings are awesome!

Woul you draw me a huge modern cock? I could send you 10 bucks!

Just Think about it... and let me know.

See ya!

Fabian Dores Pais said...

Hey Sacks, GReat characters design, awesome.

Anonymous said...