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Monday, February 05, 2007

Last resort of a panty sniffing Pup

I was sketching dogs in my book and this fellow wondered out of my pencil. I started with this really cool shape, then I added the character to it. The hard part was turning it into an image that told some sort of story. I added an awkward arm and tried to figure out what to put in his hand. Oddly enough it ended up being a pair of tidey whiteys, his face followed through in response. I pictured him as a perverted panty sniffing puppy who'd ended up scrapping the bottom of the barrel. After searching high and low this was all he could find. The question is, will his canine urges allow him to take pleasure in sniffing a pair of DIRTY DRAWLS? (his bowtie says no, but the canine screams YES!)

Another Panty sniffing Pooch study.


black market said...

yo sax! whattup fam. i love this dog's expression. it's hilarious...i'm interested in seeing the shape you started out with...can you post it?


crylic said...

hahaha...nice. a dog i knew used to eat was very distressing.

Paul M. said...

The Andrex Puppy was a sad sight during his leisure hours...:D

Artytoons said...

I could caption the drawing with
"Eat My Shorts"...but some @#$%^&* kid beat me to it.

A beagle in the BVDS...ewwww. ;-)

Jamal Otolorin said...

sup sax! Great design man. cool colors

Anonymous said...

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