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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Here's an unfinished Alvin and the Chipmunks pic. I still need to finess it with colors. I also want to do a pic of the chippettes. We'll see what happens over the weekend. Been kinda buried this month.

Below is a clip of the Chipmunks and Chippettes in the Chipmunks movie. Some really good exaggerated posing in the theatrical movies. Yet another classic cartoon floating in my cartoon memory.


The GagaMan(n) said...

That huge 'A' on Alvin's shirt makes for a great line-of-action tool. The music it dates it a bit, and the humans in it are rather bland looking, but there was some great animation in that film.

gkaiou said...

I forgot all about this movie. Now looking at it there older eyes i see some great movement and keyframes.
Art piece
Your joints always look hot man.

Artytoons said...

Just for the heck of it:

Alvin is the leader in red...brash, mischievous, trouble-prone.

Simon is the brains in blue.

Theodore is the youngest in green...giggling, shy

The Chippettes were:

Brittany the leader
Jeannette the shy bespectacled one
Eleanor the chubby one

Ross Bagdasarian Sr voiced the boy chipmunks and Dave Seville in the 60s "Alvin" Show. Ross Bagdasarian Jr voiced the boy Chipmunks and Dave in the 1980s Ruby-Spears cartoon version and in the film. Bagdasarian Sr died in 1975 at age 50 from a heart attack.

The 60s Dave sounded really angry when he yelled at his "boys." The 80s Dave sounded too nice to be really angry when he yelled at the boys.

Janice Karman, Bagdasarian Jr's wife, voiced the Chippettes in the 1980s series and film. The Chippettes never appeared in the 60s "Alvin Show".

lafe said...

Dude.. you make me sick... i was just thinking about redesigning those cats... Great piece... in this game only action is rewarded : )

was a big fan as a kid

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