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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My first indy kids book is almost done.

Here is a spot illustration I did today for my first independent kids book. It's been literally 7 years in the making (off and on) of me trying to get this book done. Thanks to a few of my close friends for helping me out here and there as well as them urging me to finish. I'm finally nearing the end. I'll be posting more updates as I finish things up. For now enjoy the new art.


Strange Kid said...

Congrats on making it this far! Seven years is a long time so I know you must be getting excited to actually seeing everything in print. Best of luck and keep us posted.

Adli Yusof said...


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ernie said...


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Servant of the Most High said...
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The Militant Marker said...

Nice stuff as usual brotha! Keep up the always solid and consistent work!!

Anonymous said...
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Justin said...

Hey Sacks. I'm always so impressed with how tight and refined your illustration work is. This looks like no exception. Love the texture on that Croc. And did you create the Yin Master of the Yo logo too?

Thanks for the kind words recently. I needed to get back into the blogging sphere. :)

Carlos V. said...


Les said...

Beautiful Brotha! This book is gonna kick some butt :)

You may have inspired me to start my own book now, I need to give you a call to chat you up and get your thoughts on the concept.


brandon said...

Congrats on the Independent success! So many cool summer book festivals in the south and east. . that'll be alot of fun and $ too. If you can swing that circuit..