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Friday, March 20, 2009

Reviving an old concept

This is an old project I'm reviving and developing with a couple of friends. I can't really spill too much about it, but I wanted to share some images.Maybe I'll post more next month. I've got tons of illustrations for this concept.
For some reason I had to make her dog a little black terrier. I personally think he's cute. The name Algebra kind of fits him too.


Running Up Hills said...

Aw man, this is such a cute character. I love the design a lot.


SACKS said...

Thanks, I hope it goes over well with everyone I show it to.

Maddpenciler said...

Great character design! I'd like to RSS your site but you don't have a feed. :( I tried "Page2RSS" and that didn't work either. I follow other blogs as well as do one of my own... it's just easier for google to remind me so I don't miss any of the posts. :) good work again. peace

Hobo Divine said...

I love the scotty

Suparna said...

really all the characters are very cute.

Anonymous said...