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Monday, October 15, 2007


Something I drew up some time ago. Jamal and Jada, Twin characters from one of my many projects. Thought I'd share it with my fellow artists. Illustrated on paper with pencil, colored in photoshop with a photo I took on a plane. Some color enhancements on the sky.

BTW, I've added a new shirt design on bountee for girls on the go. Only 50 shirts available.

1 comment:

Chris Battle said...

Cool stuff! Nice Penelope Pitstop shirt. How does everyone get around the copyright infringement thing w/Bountee? I even saw an awesome (non-sanctioned) wookie shirt on the official Star Wars blog, and I think it's still up there.

...'cause I'd love to put my "J is for Jawa" image on a shirt and not get toasted by a pack of Lucas Lawyers.