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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Check out this new online Mag about Animators, written by Animators. The magazine is put together by Steve Moore (no realation) and has a cool piece about Blue Sky designer Mike Knapp.
What really struck home was in the first introduction of the magazine by Steve Moore. It was the answer to the question, " Who are animation people?" Steve describes them best....
They are kids in grown up bodies. They are actors with pencils. They are geeks. They are average, middle-class family people. They are craftsmen. They are storytellers. They are young brats and bitter old men. They are naïve, sensitive, callous and egotistic. They are loyal and easy to manipulate. They are a colorful mish-mash of personalities with a creative energy capable of moving an audience to tears (and sometimes boring them to tears). They have a common desire to make their mark, to make films and tv shows that will be loved for genreations to come.
(it's so true)
Click on the title and give it a look see.
Thanks is due to the Cartoon Brew for posting about this magazine.

Below are a couple of supergirl concepts I dug up in my files. Thought I'd share the roughs. Hopefully I'll get around to flushing them out.

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Mukpuddy said...

That Flip mag seems reaaly cool dude. Nice Super Girl pics too!!