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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I had to revisit the last caveman throwback for this week. I actually started this project the week of the last throwback post, but due to freelance and other duties it took longer than expected to finish up. I incorporated the bird from the last post at the end of this and recorded the ending audio with my youngest daughter Madison (Her first acting gig. lol) I recorded myself doing the bird call in quicktime pro. (yeah that's yours truly) Loads of fun. I experimented with letting flash motion tween some parts, but really didn't like how it turned out. Other parts of the animation I used my knowledge of animation timing and tricks of the trade which made the motion look WAY more fluent.


Jim Mehsling said...

This is GREAT. Sharp Design and the fluidity and timing of the Flash animation is outstanding, I really enjoy your Throwback this was a nice suprise. Well Done.

Mukpuddy said...

Freakin cool dude!!!

Artytoons said...

Cavey: "Unga Bunga...after me being frozen in ice for 2 million years, me haven't lost my touch!"

Great work!