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Thursday, November 30, 2006


In my childhood, popeye gave me confidence. He also made me believe that I could take out any bully at school. lol.

Below is one of my all time favorite episodes.

And let's not forget the black and white classics...

I also have to torture y'all with some of this...

I actually think that this is one of the best examples of the transition from cartoon to live action. If you don't agree, comment and give me a better example.


Artytoons said...

Robert Altman, the director of the "Popeye" movie (and the original "MASH", "Nashville", "Short Cuts", "The Prairie Home Companion" and more), passed away just recently.

Most critics criticize the "Popeye" film for being "too faithful" to Elsie Segar's comic strip that featured the many characters not in the Fleischer or Paramount cartoons and playing out the origins how Popeye and Olive first met, Why Bluto and Popeye are enemies, how Swee' pea came along, and so on.

Most comic strip movie adaptations usually get criticized for not being faithful to the origins of its characters, deviating from the creator's original stories and taking Hollywood short cuts to make the story "interesting". Yet, "Popeye" gets criticized for being "boring" by sticking close to Segar's strip. Go figure.

Robin Williams was great as Popeye...his natural ad-libbing worked well.

Tony Fisher said...

I still remember the sound that popeye's throat made when he swallowed spinach...isn't that random?

Rozum said...

Great interpretation of Popeye and Bluto. Your other recent Throwback Thursday entries have been great as well. Sorry for not commenting more of late.

Anonymous said...

Robin Williams was brilliant as popeye...

I am from the UK and use to love ym Sat mornings with popeye and also the classic Wacky Races,

Cool Blog only on the net :D 'Gulp' as the spinich when down :) .
Peter J

SACKS said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad to see this page has a pulse.
Artytoons- It's always great to see your comments. You have a great extensive knowledge on classic toons. Maybe you should come aboard and add a little commentary on Thursdays Throwbacks.

Tony- Thanks for swingin' by

Rozum- Your always welcome to comment at your lesiure. Thanks for the love

Peter- I just recieved my bootleg copy of the complete Wacky races as well as Laff-A-Lympics
series. Great stuff. I feel another throwback coming up.

Artytoons said...

Will do, sir!

I belong to "The Big Cartoon Database" where people can reference cartoons old and new and discuss all things animated in the forum.

Lots of other folks there with even more animation knowledge than me...Scary, huh? ;-)

Kanokadafi said...

Popeye has to be the only movie that I can tolerate Robin Williams in.

Anonymous said...