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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crappy Charicature

Jorge Lacera did a really BAD sketch of me yesterday, so I retaliated by doing an awfull digital sketch of him in illustrator. I'm not very good at drawing with the wacom tablet yet, so I decided to practice with Jorge's face. Below is a vectored image I created of ROCK LEE from my favorite action cartoon "NARUTO". I was testing out printing on postal stickers, came out pretty cool.


BasicShift said...

I guess 'cause my first name is Lee... I've loved Rock Lee from the beginning of my Naruto experiences. Although I can't help but continue to be drawn to him purely because he is so stylistically different from the other characters.

Very cool stamp, Sir!

Guy Barry said...

Just visiting,very interesting

Heath said...

Cool stuff Saxton!

Matthew I. Jenkins said...

hey sacks! just checkin' out yer blog cuz it's been a while. cool naruto sticker. I think i'll steal that post office label idea (although i think you stole it too?). Anyway, VERY cool throwback Thursdays. Voltron IS the coolest. I really dig your lion drawings. I just might have to get in on that and do one! Oh, and Turbo Teen? Fahgetaboutit! I remember it. I thought it was stupid THEN although it didn't stop me from watching it. what's next? GEM vs. the MISFITS?

Anonymous said...

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