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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Here are some photos from my first group show in Atlanta.

Me and good friend Dubelyoo (the host of the show)

Me rocking an old school pose in front of my piece.

Kevin A. Williams next to his showstopping piece. He's a powerful artist. It was a great pleasure to meet him. He gave me some great artistic words of insperation.

That's Dj Lord on the tables from Public Enemy!

Amazing work by my friend Dawud.

K.A. Williams/ Dawud/ Myself


babadawud said...

Yo that was fun! We need to do something again soon! Good to see you and the fam again!


lafe said...

man that was some nice artwork... how many people were in the showing?

Kanokadafi said...

Nice, I see someone was up on the easter uptowns (AKA Air force 1's)

Kanokadafi said...

Oh by the way, I just did 3 pieces for a gallery show in NYC, there on my blog, if you wanna peep em.

SACKS said...

I had to cop those easter joints. I also came up on some marvel edition BAPES.

Kanokadafi said...

WOrd?! Marvel edition Bapes, I gotta do some hunting tomorrow.