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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Today was my son's 1st birthday! My wife and I said we weren't going to do anything big for his birthday. He has tons of new toys already, so we said NO toys. BUT, when I swung by the nearest Toys R Us and saw these new Curious George toys, I couldn't resist. I mean it's his FIRST birthday for Pete's sake. As I looked at the Curious George merch. on the shelf, I had a flash back of me holding my first rememberable bedtime toy. For me it was a Popeye plush with the plastic arms and head. I loved him to death and took him everywhere. There's always a signature toy that kids remember from their childhood. Who am I to deprive my son from his?.... At least that's the story I gave my wife when she gave me that "you bought that toy for yourself" look. Lets face it, the toy is really COOL. My family and I can't wait to go see the movie.

Oh! I forgot to mention that these wonderful toys were from Marvel toys. That's right. MARVEL. They've started their own toy company. Great start!

I really hope the animated movie does GREAT at the box office. I like CG animated movies as much as everybody else, but I can only hope that this traditionally animated feature will burst the over saturated CG bubble hitting theaters this year. Isn't it Ironic that this lone 2D character in a sea of 3D features dons the letters "CG" on his P-jays? Funny.

Even more cool news! Todd McFarlane Toys announces that they will be releasing Hanna Barbera figures this summer!


Carlos V. said...

Happy birthday baby Sacks!!!! Yo what do you think about the Disney Pixar merger? I'm curious to hear your opinion on the matter. I hope Curious George does well too, I too tire of this CG dominated market at the theater. Traditional revival all the way!!

mauricio salmon said...

yeah those toys look really cool and it is cool marvel started doing toys just think of the possiblities. but i thought marvel owned toy biz, anyways happy b-day to baby sacks!

big pappa said...

Happy birthday grandson,one year old how about that! Grandfather

big pappa said...

Happy Birthday grandson!!!

spacesick said...

Whoops. I'm a few days late. Well, happy belated birthday, Baby Sax.

And that "CG" remark had totally escaped me until now. Good catch.

Kanokadafi said...

haha, that's cool man, Nothing like good ol pops saving the day on your birthday. Yo, I hope the CG movie does well to, I also think it's weird on how the poster for the movie makes it look like it's in 3D and what not. I saw the trailer and the animation in is really nice, I have issues with all the crazy airbrush shading, but oh well.

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